• 1 / 2 SB
    One or two safe berth(s).

  • 1 / 2 SP
    One or two safe port(s).

  • 1 OPT 1
    One year, option another one year

  • A & CP
    Anchors and chains proved.

  • A.B
    Arabian Gulf (also refered to as P.G. - Persian Gulf)

  • A.B.O. ABO
    As brokers only

  • A.P OR A/P
    After peak Tank

  • a/f
    Also for (referring to ports to be touched by the ship).

  • A/S

  • Aa (AA)
    Always afloat.

  • AAAA
    Always afloat and (always) accessible.

  • AARA
    Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area

  • AB
    Above bridges.

  • Abt

  • ACP
    African, Caribbean, Pacific countries.

  • Ad val.
    Ad Valorem (duty).

  • ADCOM/Addcomm
    Address commission.

  • ADV

  • AF
    Advance freight.

  • AFRA
    Average freight rate assessments.

    Arrival First Sea Piolt Station

  • AFT
    At or towards the stern or rear of a ship

  • AG
    Arabian Gulf (also referred to as PG Persian Gulf)

    Agricultural products.

  • AGW
    All going well.

    All going well weather permitting.

  • AH
    Range of ports between and including Antwerp and Hamburg.

  • Ah (AH)
    After hatch

  • AhL
    Australian hold ladders.

  • AICS
    Associate of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.

  • AIMS
    American Institute of Merchant Shipping.

    Antwerp-Hamburg Range

  • AOG
    Act of God.

  • Ap or A/P
    Aft perpendicular (of ship); after peak; all purposes; additional premium.

  • Apl
    American Petroleum Institute.

  • APS
    Arrival Pilot Station

  • APT
    After peak tank.

  • AR
    Antwerp – Rotterdam range.

  • AR

  • ARA
    Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam range of ports.

  • ARAG
    Amsterdam-Rotterdam--Antwerp-Gent Range


  • ARH
    Antwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg range.

  • ARHB
    Antwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Bremen range.

  • ASA
    Always safe(ly) afloat.

  • ASAP (asap)
    As soon as possible.

  • ASBA
    Association of Shipbrokers and Agents.

  • ATA
    Actual Time of arrival

  • ATDN
    Any time day and night.

    Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays UIncluded

  • ATN
    Aids to Navigation

  • ATRS
    American Tank Rate Schedule.

  • ATS
    Actual time saved or All time saved.

    All time saved both ends.

    All time saved loading only.

    Actual Times Used to Count

  • AWH
    Available workable hatches.

    All working time saved both ends.

    All working time saved discharging only.

    All working time saved loading only.

    All within Institute Warranty Limits.

  • B (Bl)
    Bale capacity; bale; ballast.

  • B S S 1/1
    Basis 1 port to 1 port

  • B.H.(range)
    Range of ports between and including Bordeaux & Hamburg

  • b.o.
    Buyer's option; broker's order.

  • B.P.(bp/b.p.)
    Between perpendiculars; boiling point (gases).

  • B.S.
    Boiler survey; bunker surcharge.

  • B.S. & W.
    Bottom (or base) sediment and water.

  • b/d
    Barrels per day.

  • B/E
    Break even; (customs) bill of entry; bill of exchange.

  • B/E (Bends)
    Both ends.

  • b/h
    Barrels per hour.

  • B/L/b lading (Bs/L)
    Bill of Lading (plural of B/L).

  • B/N (b/n)
    Booking note.

  • B/O (b/o)
    Bulk/oil carrier.

  • B/R
    Bordeaux of Rouen.

  • BA
    Buenos Aires.

    Barge aboard catamaran

  • BAF
    Bunker Adjustment Factor

  • Bar (brl)

  • BB
    Ballast bonus; bar bound; below bridges; bulbous bow; bareboat, bare boat charter

  • BBB
    Before Breaking Bulk

  • BBCD

  • BC
    British Columbia; British Channel.

  • BD
    Bar draft, below deck.

  • BDI
    Both dates (days) inclusive (or included).

  • BEAM
    The maximum breadth of a ship

    Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)

    Belguim, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

  • Bext.
    Breadth extreme.

  • BFI
    Baltic Freight Index

  • BFO
    Bunker fuel oil.

  • BH (B/H)
    Bill of health; bulkhead.

  • BHF
    Bulk harmless fertilizers.

  • Bhp (BHP)
    Brake horse power (oil engines).

  • Bi/Bl
    Both inclusive.

  • BIBO
    Bulk in, bag out.

    The Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange

    Baltic & International Maritime Council

  • BK
    Bar keel.

  • BL

  • BL
    Bill of Lading

  • BLK

    Baltic Sea.

  • BLST (BST)

  • BM

  • BOA
    Berthing on arrival.

  • BOB
    Bunker on Board

  • BOD
    Board of Directors.

    Best Offer(s)

  • BOR
    Bunkers on re-delivery.

  • BORO
    Bulk, Oil and roll-on, roll-off vessel.

  • BROB
    Bunkers Remaining on Board

  • BS
    Broken Stowage

  • BSS

  • BSS 1/1
    Basis 1 Port to 1 Port

  • BST
    British Summer Time, British Standard Time.

  • BT (bt)
    Berth terms.

  • BTD
    Butadiene (cargo for gas carrier).

  • BTU
    British Thermal Unit.

  • BW/BWA
    Brackish water/ brackish water allowance.

  • BWAD
    Brackish Water Arrival Draft

  • BWDD
    Brackish water departure draft.

  • C
    Shine, Sundays and holidays included.

  • C & F (CFR)
    Cost and freight.

  • C and/or J
    China and/or Japan.

  • C of B
    Centre of Buoyancy

  • C&F
    Cost and Freight

  • C&F FO
    Cost & Freight Free Out

  • c.f.g
    cubic feet of gas

  • c.f.g.d./hr./min
    cubic feet of gas per day / hour / minute

  • c.f.hr./sec.
    cubic feet per hour/second

  • C.I.F.
    Cost, insurance and freight.

  • C.I.F. & E.
    Cost, insurance, freight and exchange.

  • C.I.F.F.I.
    Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest.

  • C.I.F.F.O.
    Cost, insurance, freight, and free out.

  • C.I.F.I. & E.
    Cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange.

  • c.i.f.l.t. (CIFLT)
    Cost, insurance and freight, London terms.

  • c.m.p.s
    centimetres per second

  • C.O
    Country of origin; cargo oil; case oil

  • c.o.d.
    Cash on delivery.

  • C/N
    Credit Note

  • C/P (c/p orCP)
    Charter party.

  • C/V/E
    Cable, victuals and entertainment.

    Currency and bunkering adjustment factors.

  • CABE (cabe)
    Charterer's agents both ends.

  • CAF
    Currency adjustment factor.

  • CAN
    Calcium ammonium nitrate (cargo).

    Carribean Islands.

  • CB & H Cont. (BH)
    Continent between Bordeaux and Hamburg.

  • CBFT (or CFT)
    Cubic Feet

  • CBM
    Cubic Meter

  • CBT
    Clean ballast tanks

  • cc.hr./min
    Cubic centimeter per hour/minute

  • CD
    Customary Despatch

  • CENSA(pron.Kensa)
    Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Associations.

  • CFR (or C&F)
    Cost and Freight

  • CH & H
    Continent between Le Havre and Hamburg

  • CHA
    Customs house agent.

    China Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

  • CHN

    Charterers Option


  • CIF
    Cost, Insurance & Freight.

  • CIM
    International Convention Concerning the Carriage of Goods by Rail.

  • CIP
    Carriage and insurance paid to.

  • CKD
    Completely knocked down

  • CLC
    Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1969.a

  • CMI
    Comite Maritime International.

  • CMR
    Convention on the Contract for Intrntnl Carriage of Goods by Road.

  • cnr
    Charter not reported.

  • COA
    Contract of Affreightment.

    Contract of Affreightment Charter Party

  • COB
    Cargo on board; close of business.

  • COD
    Cas On Delivery

  • COFR
    Certificate of Financial Responsibility.

    Carriage of Goods by Sea (Act).

  • COMP


  • CONS
    Consecutive; consumption.

  • Cont. (Cont.)
    Continent or Europe.

  • COP
     Custom Of Port

  • COW
    Crude Oil Washing

  • CP (or C/P)
    Charter Party

  • CPD
    Charterers Pay Dues

  • CPP
    Clean petroleum products.

  • CPT
    Carriage paid to.

  • CQD
    Customary Quick Despatch

  • CR (cr)
    Current rate; carrier's risk.

  • CRD
    Current rate discharge.

    Contract Regarding an Interim Settlement to Tanker Liability for Oil Pollution Damage.

  • CRL
    Current rate of load.

  • CRN

  • CROB
    Cargo Remaining on Board

  • CS
    Laden Cape, ballast Suez.

  • CSC
    International Convention for Safe Containers

  • CSD
    Closed shelter deck

  • CST (c/s)

  • CT
    Centre tank; cargo tank; cubic tonnage of a ship.

  • CTO
    Combined transport operator

  • CTR
    Container Fitted

  • CVO
    Certificate of value and origin